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How to remove SourceBuster js from WooCommerce?

This new Woocommerce feature adds bloat and is not Google's Consent Mode v2 ready. Here's... Read more

How to fix font issues and random characters after migrating?

After migration you often find that your font is not loading correctly or icons have... Read more

How to update the price label on product variations?

Adding this to your functions.php will update the price label with the variation price.

How to make a show-more on hover without pushing content down?

Show content on hover without pushing the content down. Usually this requires 2 text elements... Read more

How to make an infinite scroll element?

Adding this to your website to show infinite horizontal scrolling items.

Slider with thumbnails in view

This slider not only looks good but is also very practical in terms of showing... Read more

Make Tabs element searchable

Make the Flatsome Flickity slider use 1 step slide instead of rows. We call this... Read more

How to add attribute images below the product on shop page?

Showing an image below the products depending on attributes to show available options or easy... Read more

Make slider option to slide per 1 instead of per row

Make the Flatsome Flickity slider use 1 step slide instead of rows. We call this... Read more

Horizontal Accordion Slide

This Horizontal Accordion Slider looks fancy and allows you to have more content in one... Read more

Animated maintenance page

The animated maintenance page gives a little extra style to an otherwise boring page. Complementary;... Read more

Flatsome Inline Responsive HTML

Show content for desktop but not for mobile. Or the other way around... These attributes... Read more

How to make your shop sidebar smaller or wider?

Here we will explain how to edit the width of the shop sidebar step-by-step. Take... Read more

How to show product attributes on category page?

Want to show some attributes on the archive or category page? This allows to show... Read more

How to collapse categories in sidebar?

Hide filter options or product categories if the list gets too long. Show the rest... Read more