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The new WooCommerce feature shows the source of your customer’s orders. Very neat; except that it does not tell you anything important.

What it does do is add Cookies and scripts. Analytical Cookies to be exact. On March 6th, 2024, Google Consent Mode will update. These cookies should only be placed when consent is given. As for today (Feb 21, 2024) this is not yet the case. Also loads a bunch of scripts which costs load time for something that tells you nothing.

How to remove SourceBuster js?

You can remove this functionality from WooCommerce through it’s settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features and untick the Order Attribution function. Or add a single line function to the functions.php. This takes care of both clearing sourcebuster min js from loading as well as the cookies (sbjs_).

// Remove SourceBuster from Woo

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