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If you have many categories or perhaps your color filter contains a lot of colors, and your side-bar is longer than the amount of products on the page. You might want to hide excess amounts and only show them when the customer clicks to see more.

  • category 1
  • category 2
  • category 3
  • category 4
  • category 5

Where to add the script?

Add the script in the Flatsome Advanced settings which can be accessed from your dashboard. Paste the script (including the script tag) in Global Settings > Footer Scripts.

It can also be place in the footer.php if you’re familiar with FTP, coding and have placed the footer.php in your child-theme.

The Script

<script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        // The button
        jQuery('<span class="toggle">More</span>').appendTo('#shop-sidebar .product-categories, #shop-sidebar .woocommerce-widget-layered-nav-list');

        // Hide categories when more than 5
        jQuery("#shop-sidebar .product-categories li").slice(5).hide();
        // Hide attribute filter options when more than 5
        jQuery("#shop-sidebar .woocommerce-widget-layered-nav-list").each(function() {

        // Button function and toggle
        jQuery(".woocommerce .toggle").click(function(){
            jQuery(this).text(jQuery(this).text() == "More" ? "Less" : "More");

Editing the script

You can edit the script for purpose of translation or amount of items shown. Or perhaps to collapse the filter but not the categories.

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