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Adding this function to the functions.php will change all text occurrences. This is helpful if you’re looking to change a specific string across the whole website such as “Cart”.


There are multiple ways to make these edits. Most of them are good but for a small change like this the theme editor under admin menu “Appearance” will do just fine.

Explaining the child theme

Why a Child Theme?

A Child Theme is a fundamental part of editing templates and functions which is often overlooked. Why is it important? The Flatsome main theme is updated regularly which essentially replaces and overwrites files. The child theme is separate and will not receive these updates so all files within will not be edited/overwritten/replaced. This way you don’t have to edit the template or functions every time there is an update.

Installing the child theme will automatically provide a functions.php for you.

Step 1: finding the functions.php

  1. In the admin dashboard find the “Appearance” menu item in the left sidebar and choose “Theme Editor”
  2. Make sure you have selected your child theme in the dropdown on the top right above the right sidebar.
  3. If the child-theme is selected, select the functions.php in the right sidebar.

Step 2: Adding to the functions.php

Add the following code somewhere in your functions.php after the first 2 lines. And change the ‘cart’ and ‘basket’ to whatever you want to use.

Keep in mind that this changes all occurrences on the site. Therefor I wouldn’t recommend using this function unless you’re certain to change the word everywhere on your site

add_filter( 'gettext', 'translate_text' ); 
add_filter( 'ngettext', 'translate_text' ); 
function translate_text( $translated ) { 
    $translated = str_ireplace( 'cart', 'basket', $translated ); 
    return $translated; 

Step 3: save the functions.php

Don’t forget to save the changes made by clicking the save button below the text editor.

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