About this:

In the UX Builder you have the option for some elements to hide or show content for certain screens. By using these attributes you can do the same for content within a text block.

Per example;

This paragraph is visible on Desktop but you cannot see the Mobile paragraph.

This paragraph is visible on Mobile but you cannot see the Desktop paragraph.

HTML code

<div data-show="[attribute-value]">
    <!-- any tag can be used -->
    <p>Content visibility</p>

The attributes

hide-for-large   <!-- Hide for Desktop, show for Tablet & Mobile -->
hide-for-medium  <!-- Hide for Tablet, show for Desktop & Mobile -->
hide-for-small   <!-- Hide for Mobile, show for Desktop & Tablet -->
show-for-large   <!-- Show for Desktop, hide for Tablet & Mobile -->
show-for-medium  <!-- Show for Tablet, hide for Desktop & Mobile -->
show-for-small   <!-- Show for Mobile, hide for Desktop & Tablet -->

How to use

  1. Use a tag with corresponding data-show attribute


Any element can be used with these attributes.

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