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In this post we’re bringing certain tips, tricks and good-to-know items to your attention. Some things you may already know but maybe some things you didn’t. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining or learn something new.

1: Margin & Padding

Did you know; you can set negative margin but not negative padding.

This is because padding is technically inside the element while margin is outside the element.

Per example; negative margin is often used to make a column move over a different element like header section and banners.

2: Element Visibility

If you have an element that looks great on desktop but not so great on mobile you may consider whether you want to adjust styling to make is responsive but sometimes it just doesn’t fit for mobile. With the ‘Visibility’ option on the bottom of the options you can select on which screen it should be visible.

You could make 2 elements where 1 is set to “Only for Desktop” while the other is “Hide for Desktop” to show or hide elements for different devices.

This is also possible for text, through attributes. Read more about that here: Inline Responsive HTML

3: Copy Elements

When working in the UX Builder, you can drag elements up and down in the list on the left to move them. But did you know that if you hold ‘Alt’ and drag an element you copy that element. This may save some time and perhaps saves you from forgetting settings you may overlook if you were to build it over yourself.

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